NO goals for December

That’s right. I am declaring it. I am setting NO goals for myself this December!

One week from today (Tuesday) Katelin and I will be flying home to America. In the few weeks after we have plans for a Christmas shebang with our best friend, Tina, that includes a maternity photoshoot, and a few days after that my family will be in town for Christmas!!

There is also a to-do list with important items that must be done, and with such a busy, kind of stressful month ahead…

I didn’t want to set myself up for failure and discouragement.

I know what I can handle, and I’m already questioning how I will balance everything planned. To add 5 goals would not be my best move!

Let’s review last month’s goals…

You can see them here.

Three have a big check-mark next to them while two got a star for effort!

Yoga was not such a priority for me in November. I participated in #SizeDoesntMatter for about half the month this round, and I just wasn’t feeling it. So, I stopped!

The same thing happened with yoga videos three times a week. Most weeks I did one video, but go me for pushing myself just that bit!

I participated in Mara Glatzel’s Course Brave Love, and SO loved it!! I have a few lessons I’m taking my time to catch up on, but it was so, so fantastic. I completely encourage all of you to check out her blog and offerings!

Stonehenge totally happened. Ahh.. it was… beautiful. Once I am home and rested, I plan on writing some posts featuring photos and stories of everything we saw! Stonehenge was one of my top three faves.

And, lastly, if you take a peek towards the bottom of any page, you will see a cleaned up categories section! Yay!

While I won’t be working towards goals this month, I am participating in an Instagram yoga challenge – #HoHoHipOpeners with @yoga_davina. If you care to follow along, you can find me @evecalian!

Here’s to a happy, goal-free December!

Let me know in the comments what goals you’re setting! If you’re not, tell me why!


5 Goals for November

I am beyond pleased with myself for nailing every goal I had, and I’m excited to tackle the five for this month.

Here they are –

1. #sizedoesntmatter Yoga Challenge

I enjoyed this yoga challenge so much in October that I want to keep it going.

I’ll be participating with many other women of various colors and sizes for the next month guided by the beautiful and inspiring hosts @mynameisjessamyn and @yoga_davina. Maybe you’ll join?

You can follow along with me here!

2. Do Yoga Practice by Video Three Times a Week

Because I kept up with a daily yoga practice for a whole month, I want to push myself a little more.

With #sizedoesntmatter, I’ll still be doing yoga almost every day, but I’m going to set aside three days a week to use guided yoga videos for enhanced practices. I’m hoping this will build my strength and flexibility even more!

3. Brave Love

Mara Glatzel gifted me with a spot in the newest session of her course Brave Love.

I want to dive heart first into the coming prompts, videos, and emails over the next three weeks.

4. Organize The Categories and Tags

This goal was originally to be completed last month alongside my about page and links, but I never got around to it. So, this month I shall clean up all the categories and tags floating around here to make finding posts applicable to YOU a lot easier.

5. Visit Stonehenge

Since this is my last month in England, I have to have a travel goal!

Our plans are to see Stonehenge mid-November, and I cannot wait!

I’m very excited for this month’s five goals. Here’s to you, November! And you, my friends.

How did you do with goals last month? What are some new one’s you’re setting for the end of the year?

5 Goals for October

Happy October, friends!

I say this every new season, but Fall has to be my favorite season.

Except I totally do not say that about winter.

Surprisingly here in England, it is not feeling exceptionally fall-y! Sometimes it’s chilly, sometimes it’s downright hot, + it still remains very green.

With the new month coming in, I want to set some goals.

Goals make me excited, but they can also make me feel pretty crappy when I don’t excel in the ways I hope. So, I set these goals with relaxed intentions. Aka: it is NOT the end of the world if I fall behind or scrap them all together.

Though, I must say, these goals are pretty fun.

1. Do Yoga Every Day

Simple, I miss it.

Inspired by mynameisjessamyn and her #SizeDoesntMatter yoga challenge, I want to start making yoga a daily practice again. Even if it’s one pose.

2. #lovetober

I’ll be joining with hundreds of others in Gala Darling’s October Instagram challenge, #lovetober!

It's Time for Another IG Challenge: Let's Go, #lovetober! By GalaDarling

This is not my first Instagram challenge, but I hope it is the first that I COMPLETE.

Follow along on my IG, @evecalian!

3. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

+ not just any pumpkin patch – an ENGLISH pumpkin patch!

I haven’t been in years, so this needs to be remedied in this new country.

4. Carve a Pumpkin

You can’t go to a pumpkin patch, purchase a pumpkin, + not carve it. Ok?

5. Organize this Space

In the next few weeks a new about page will appear, the tags will get cleaned up, + I’ll become more familiar with the new layout. Hopefully, this will make navigating this space easier for you + create a homier environment for us all.

What are some goals you have for the coming month?