My 2014 in IG Photos

2014 held some serious highs and lows.

I battled with depression and anxiety, seeking counseling and medication (and won).

I went from full-time college student to part-time to taking a semester off (and don’t regret it).

I got my first non-university related job (and hated it).

I got a nose ring (and it HURT).

I watched a lot of Project Runway and ate a lot of Subway (and it was kind of awesome and kind of sickening).

I took my first international trip and lived in England for 3 months (and it was both fantastic and awful).

I started participating in yoga challenges on Instagram (and I can reach my toes now).

I started building this blog back up (and it was terrifying).

And I pet a lot of cats (because DUH).

You know how I love Instagram, so let’s take a look back at my 2014 through my favorite app.














It’s amazing how much a year can hold, isn’t it?

I can’t wait to see what you have for me, 2015.

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Life lately in IG photos

Christmas decorations are appearing, Christmas scented candles are being lit, + warm drinks are being drunk by the light of the Christmas tree.

Most days are being spent wrapped up in a warm blanket with a book (currently: The Stand by Stephen King) or computer on my lap. Coffee + tea close by.

English weather has finally greeted us in full swing! This has meant many rainy outings as we do our last tourist stops before returning to America.

The rain has not stopped us from exploring forests + taking cheesy photos!

My mantra I am trying to live by.

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Life Lately in IG Photos

tiger pose
flying warrior variations

In honor of one of my October goals, I have joined the #SizeDoesntMatter yoga challenge on Instagram! This month has been hosted by @biggalyoga + @yogimj – two awesome ladies showing that yoga isn’t just for thin, white women. 

photobooth friday

my favorite color… pink!

Joined by Katelin, I’ve been participating in #lovetober hosted by @galadarling

There have been fall walks + football games wrapped up in rain jackets and scarves.

I have dropped love notes here + there!

And I have been getting in the holiday spirit with pumpkin purchasing, warm drink drinking, scary movies before bed, + a trip to Harry Potter World Studio Tours on the horizon. 

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What has October looked like for you lately? 

P.S. I realize there are some wacky font changes going on – I’ve noticed blogger will do this on the occasional post. I hope it doesn’t bother you as much as it does me! 

5 things making me feel really good right now

For a long time I lost touch with myself.

Without even realizing it.

It was just a few weeks ago that I recognized it. It was in the feel of my body that wasn’t being fed both what I wanted + what it needed; the feel of my gut that wasn’t being checked in with on decisions; + the overall feel of agitation.

Add into the fact that I had traveled to a new country with a new (or lack of) routine + I was feeling disconnected. Extremely so.

Then I read a post by the awesome Mara Glatzel encouraging me to sit down with this feeling of disconnect + ask myself… What is one thing I can do right now to change this? To bring myself closer to my intuition + feelings? To feel calm again?

Here are some things that are making my feel really good right now:


This is my number one! It fills me up + calms me when I begin to feel lost.

Routine doesn’t mean my day is planned from 8:00AM to 10:00PM but that I have security check-points to meet back with myself. Making sure I have a planned breakfast and lunch, tea + cookies, time with the entire household, + time with just Katelin and I.

The in-betweens are up to me + how spontaneous I’m feeling (or not). And these moments feel a lot better with a routine set up around them.

Drinking Tea

At least once a day! 2:00-3:00PM is my designated tea time during the week. I brew my favorite cup of chamomile with honey, add three tea biscuits on the side, + let the feel goodery-ness commence.

Tea makes my body feel warm, cozy, + clean.

If I manage to get another cup in before bed is just an added bonus.

Doing Laundry

It smells good, adds a bit of productivity to the day, + I love looking out the back conservatory to see cloths hanging on the line. So British!

Reading Fashion Magazines

Fashion + my name have never been two words easily put side-by-side. But lately… I’ve been fascinated by it! It intrigues me. I love watching make-up gurus on YouTube, + I love reading about the latest trends no matter how much I hate those oversize knits.

Looking at the street style from the various Fashion Weeks inspires how I go shopping + put outfits together in my mind tenfold. (If only I had more money for more shopping!)

Also, England has the best fashion magazines for the best prices. Just saying.

Petting the Neighborhood Cats

No explanation needed. 🙂

What about you? What are some things making you feel really good right now?

Morning coffee + my realization.

A few months back I went through a phase where I was determined to rid myself of caffeine and become pure — like drinking tea and infused water pure. Why? Because somehow every blog I read was writing on how much better life is without coffee.

I kid you not, I read at least three or four pieces in a one-two day span that went over the realization that what really mattered was the walk to the coffee shop or the coffee shop atmosphere, not the coffee. This then led to making green smoothies or tea and taking them to the cherished coffee shop, saving money along the way! 

Let me clarify right away that these pieces were all fantastic (which is why I wanted to join them) and not anywhere did the author(s) ask their readers to try it themselves. Okay, actually, one piece was by a doctor, and he did encourage readers to try a coffee fast, but that’s expected. 

These men and women found what worked for them, and I thought that to be the bohemian blogger that I dream(ed) to be, I must forget coffee and (since I had expertly failed my smoothie phase) become a lady of tea. 

Oh man.

Hint: it was an epic fail.  

My coffee fast, which I remember proudly alerting my girlfriend to on a car-ride home, lasted approximately four days. 

My “lady of tea” image died slowly with my first and last four painful drinks of green tea. Can I say: EUGH!? I know tea is a plant and all, but it literally tastes like dirt and leaves put into boiling water. 

That ain’t something I want to douse my taste buds in. 

Enter my realization, that I am now blogging to you about: I do not drink coffee for the stroll to the local coffee shop (I rarely drink at coffee shops except Starbucks) or for the atmosphere. I just really like coffee! Also: tea is my very last drink of choice. 

Granted, I do love the moments that come with drinking coffee: sitting in bed in the early morning light across from my girlfriend, and sipping from my blue travel mug as we share happy morning chats in the car ride to work.

I like these moments more than the coffee itself, but there’s something about that bitter (unless I’ve went a little creamer crazy) drink that adds to the mood. 

There are still weeks where I’ll move away from coffee just because I can feel my body reacting negatively, but I always come back when my body says it’s ready again. 

At this point, you may be like: okay, Eve, so you like coffee and hate tea, glad you took so long to make that clear… 

Yes, I did say that, and now you know more about me! But I’m also saying: what may work for a few or hundreds of people (all whom may surround you), might not work for you. And that’s what’s important. It may, in fact, be horrible for you! Just because someone you admire rants and raves about the benefits of green tea and consequences of coffee does not mean your body or mind will agree, and this can apply to everything. 

So, I’m going to drink my coffee and squinch my nose when my girlfriend drinks tea, but hey, if that doesn’t work for you, find what does. 

Scared of something? Keep doing it.

Sometimes I worry that I’m not meant to do this… write or reach out to people like you about loving yourself. 

I feel as though I have so much in my heart and soul that I want to type up and post to this space, this little link that only reaches a few, but I can’t always pull all these feelings and ideas apart to actually write. Only a few come through my fingers and connect with the letters of my keyboard, and a lot of times I don’t think they’re enough. 

A lot of times I wonder if the words really matter or if I’m throwing them into the air just to fall back to my feet. Sometimes I feel like these pages I type aren’t worthy to post or too much like other blogs I read. I worry that I’m a rip-off on what other writers are writing so much better. 

So often I feel as if my story isn’t big enough to share. What do I even have to share? Everyone I read has such big stories and lessons that they sum up perfectly in posts that make my heart stop. Why do I think I can do that? 

These thoughts get to me so easily. Easily enough that I put aside writing any posts, or so that my stomach drops a little when I have a small idea, but I’m unsure of (1) how to put into words and (2) if it’s worth spending time on. What if someone else has written it, and not only that, but written it so much better than I will? 

This thought process isn’t just found in blogging, writing, or connecting; it’s found in every niche of the internet, our lives, and the world.

It’s the fear that we’re not good enough, and this is the fear that is capable of destroying every superhero out there. I’m aware of what it can do and what it is when it occupies my mind, but I fall for it. 

Maybe I don’t have a big, heart-breaking story to share and connect with you through, but I am another person that is going through what you have gone through. Maybe not everything you have, but if you’re still reading this, there must be something that we share. I’ve had that feeling many, many times as I go through blogs, and it’s the most amazing feeling the first time it happens. 

The realization that you’re not alone. 

That’s why I keep doing this.

Though I may only reach you or a few others… though I doubt my words and stories… I keep going, because the more of us that come forward–whether we have a big or small story–and connect, encourage, and lift-up one another, the less each of us have to feel alone. 

Remember that: fear wants to isolate you and keep you where you are instead of watch you rise, fly, and soar, but that fear has no power unless you use your own in its favor. 

I am here, host to the same fear(s) and still trying to fly. I hope you are too. 

My Weekend in IG Photos

One of my favorite weekends is sliding through the finish line tonight. The weather was gorgeous, and we spent most of it outside which was WONDERFUL. I thought I would share through Instagram pictures with you.

Saturday I treated Katelin and I to a local coffeehouse for, what else, COFFEE and BROWNIES out in the sunshine. I just love places with outside seating! Unfortunately, a bee chased us away.

The evening was spent down at the lake with a 15 minute canoe session. Katelin had never canoed! It might have been short, but we had the lake to ourselves, and it was so fun.

Sunday: Teased by the fifteen-minute session the night before we rushed back down to the lake at two and… had to wait about an hour before we got a canoe. Worth it! Not only did we canoe, but we kayaked (yes, Eve got into a kayak!!) which was even more fun. The water was freezing, but I was in a t-shirt and shorts, happy as ever! We definitely soaked up the sun and warmth since the weather predicts a week of rain and 40-degree days…

Also, my cat Saturday morning, livin it up–

Another week befalls us, and I am putting my tools to use to manage stress, because the next three weeks are serving up stress as the main dish. I am filled with thanks for the last two days, the last week, and the moments that made them up; I hope yours was just as beautiful.

Here’s to a new week!