Like so many teenagers and adults alike, I spent years unhappy and uncomfortable with myself and my body.

I starved myself, forced myself to work out, compared myself and my life to classmates and friends.

I dulled my fire and hid my light all in the effort to make others comfortable. I wanted to be attractive, nice, and fun. Not fiery, soft, and opinionated.

But in doing this, I made the most important person in my life uncomfortable: Me.

That life is exhausting.

Deep in my self-hatred and self-disgust I discovered an online community dedicated to self-love and body-love.

I remember sitting in my recliner, only 17, and wanting to weep with relief – I didn’t have to live like that. In fact, many women, through their words, were urging me not to.

So began my journey to loving myself and my body and discovering how amazing it feels to be comfortable in my own skin.

I started building this space when I was a freshman in college out of the desire to reach others like those women did for me.

My hope is that this can be a space for you to curl up with a blanket and your favorite food or drink, and just let yourself be. Here you are accepted for who you are, good and bad, 100%. I won’t judge. I want you to feel safe, understood, and inspired here.

This is a space for all bodies, all genders, all sexuality, all races – all of YOU to get cozy and feel confident in all your radiance and sharpness.

Welcome to Cozy Confidence. I’m Eve. I so hope this space offers you what you need.



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